Get out to SEE and meet the dolphins their natural habitat! It’s an unforgettable experience suitable for all ages. Our Dolphin Boats are eco-friendly rigid-inflatable Boats (RIB) and low on the water, so you may find that you are almost close enough to touch them.
Frequent sightings on this tour are: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins (like Flipper), big white Rissos and not so far out, the shy porpoise known as the “puffing piggy” to the old sailors because of the sound they make.
Less common sightings are minke whales, orcas (the world's largest dolphin), several species of shark, turtles, sperm whales and recently Fin whales, the second largest animal in the world. Trips last 90 minutes.

Dolphin watching trip:
Duration: 90 min.
Price: Children (< 12 years): €25 Adults: €40

Our Boats operate at a capacity of up to 12 Guests. Please contact us in case your reservations are for more than 11 guests, to ensure a common trip and experience.

Our Boats operate under licenses issued by DGRM e ICN, both Portuguese regulatory Institutes.